Water Damage


We know your time is valuable and the last thing you want to do is spend your valuable time reading endless text on why we are so wonderful. So, we are going to make this short and to the point.

Have you had any of the following water damage big or small events:

  • Had a pipe leak
  • Air conditioning leak
  • Washing machine leak
  • Roof Leak
  • Flood

Here are the facts;

The first step is to get the standing water removed. For small amounts of water, towels and/or a shop vac will typically work. For a large amount of water, you will need our commercial grade water extractors. If this pertains to you, call us now. We can usually be there within 30 minutes! We can answer all your questions and concerns while extracting that troublesome water!

So, you had a small amount of water that you were able to clean up on your own. You are in the clear right? Wrong! What about the water that ran under the cabinets, flooring or in the wall cavities?
Did you know drywall and wood absorb water faster than you can clean it up? If this water is not properly dried out or the wet building materials are not removed it will most likely lead to mold. This is South Florida, after all, and mold spores are all around your house inside and out just waiting for an opportunity to start growing a colony of potentially toxic mold! Don’t let this happen! Water restoration is a lot cheaper than mold removal, believe me.

At Mr. Restoration, we perform free moisture inspections to determine where the water traveled in your walls, floors and cabinets and how much water accumulation you have. That’s right, a FREE INSPECTION!! If we find elevated moisture levels, we can set up a drying plan using our professional moisture meters, commercial grade dehumidifiers, heating elements, fans, and an assortment of  specialized equipment to dry your home to avoid mold and further damage. The best part about Mr. Restoration is that we specialize in what we call “Drying in place” water restoration. In most cases, we do not have to remove your walls, floors or cabinets to dry. That’s right, we don’t have to! We can dry everything using science, experience and the right equipment. Calls us! We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No job is too big or too small for Mr. Restoration!

Here is some good news in what’s most certainly a not so happy time for you, not only is the inspection free, if you hire us to dry your home, and you have insurance, we can send our bill directly to them. You don’t have to pay us a penny! Not a cent! Nada! Nothing!

My business partner and I have spent years working for various insurance companies as insurance adjusters. We know how the claims process works. We will document your damages with photos, moisture meters, infrared cameras, moisture mapping documents, and daily monitoring reports to make it very easy for your insurance company to pay our bill. We also offer free claims advice on how to make sure your insurance company compensates you for any repairs that maybe necessary after we are done. It really is that simple! So, why make a difficult time any harder than it needs to be by calling another restoration company to help you when we have all the insight you need? We are head and shoulders above our completion! Call now and we can answer all the questions you have for us during our visit to your home.

Don’t want to file an insurance claim? No worries we offer competitive bids for our services and our estimates are free. Our competitors generally remove floors, base boards, drywall and cabinets and call that drying. We can dry your home without the need to remove the building materials, in most cases. So, this saves you big money on un necessary remodeling costs helping you keep more of your money in your pocket. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do to help you!

Fire Damage


Fire Restoration Service
You know you are in for a big clean up when your residential or commercial property suffers from a fire, regardless of scope. In most cases, the area or areas directly affected will need to be re-modeled and restored to regain any lost structural integrity. Even after the fire has been extinguished and no longer presents a threat, the residue and soot from the smoke and fire can present health risks, mainly respiratory, plus the odor resulting from a fire can be near impossible to get rid of.
Average homeowners will be able to do minimal fire restoration on their own after a fire as the restoration is extensive.  The following steps must be taken to begin the restoration process:

  • Use of HEPA vacuum to capture the small particulates from the fire extinguisher residue, the soot, and any other particle debris
  • Specialized air scrubbers will be required to capture all free floating soot
  • Commercial grade dehumidifiers and other specialized equipment to avoid mold growth from the water used to extinguish the fire either from the firefighting efforts or the building owner spraying water to extinguish the fire
  • Detailed cleaning of all surfaces and content items.
  • Media Blasting
  • Ozone or Hydroxyl Treatment
  • Numerous trade secrets and techniques

Mold growth can start in as little as 48-72 hours after the introduction of water to the interior of a building.   It is very important to take action swiftly to avoid mold colonies from developing. When dealing with a fire of any size with heavy or minimal smoke, it is best to use a professional fire and water damage restoration company like Mr. Restoration. We possess the know-how and specialized equipment to ensure a proper fire and smoke restoration project is completed.

Smoke Damage


During a fire, smoke permeates walls and other surfaces then drifts through the property’s air ducts and becomes trapped. Fire and the subsequent smoke can cause a lot of damage to your property, even after the fire has been put out. If not professionally removed, the smoke odor can become permanent. Due to the oily nature of soot, your carpets, draperies and other household textiles can easily become stained and ruined, which is precisely the reason soot must be removed before even attempting to clean or deodorize the fire damaged property.

There is a possibility for smoke odor to remain in areas such as wall cavities, clothing, upholstered furniture, carpets and draperies if the odor is not properly neutralized before being cleaned. Within 72 hours, corrosive etching can begin to occur caused by the fire, soot, or smoke and items made of Formica, chrome, porcelain and aluminum fixtures need to be promptly cleaned to prevent damage.

Mr. Restoration employees are fire damage restoration experts who are highly trained and fully knowledgeable about every aspect of restoration job. Our fire damage restoration and smoke mitigation services include:

  • Board up Services
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Fire Damage Cleaning
  • Complete Structural Cleaning
  • Complete Contents/Personal Property
  • Ozone or Hydroxyl Treatment
  • Duct Cleaning Soot Removal
  • Media Blasting
  • Soot Cleaning
  • Smoke Removal
  • Smoke Cleaning
  • Odor Removal

Here at Mr. Restoration, we are here to help you take care of your property correctly. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection of your property and let us handle the dirty work!

Mold Damage


Do not jeopardize your home or your health! When it comes to the health and safety of you and your property, you should not take any risks with mold growth. Upon suspecting mold growth, contacting a mold remediation specialist should be immediate. Active mold colonies are constantly multiplying and growing resulting in what can be a much more expensive removal process and potentially graver health hazard if not dealt with immediately.


Microscopic or macroscopic mold includes all varieties of fungus and can grow basically anywhere. Mold will either grow in groups of cells called hyphae or disperse in single cells known as yeasts. Areas that have come in contact with water or moisture are more likely to develop mold growth and it is important to fix plumbing leaks or other water issues as soon as they arise, especially in humid South Florida!

Mold will cause cosmetic damages and stain surfaces, often making it impossible to restore the surface to its original appearance. Absorbent and porous materials, such as carpets, ceiling tiles, drywall, base boards and cabinets, are highly susceptible to damage from mold growth and will likely need to be thrown away and replaced if they become too moldy. Because the mold will grow on and fill empty spaces and crevices of those porous materials it can become extremely difficult or impossible for an inexperienced individual to achieve a complete mold removal in these areas unless a professional team is hired.  Attempting to do a mold remediation on your own can be accomplished, but only in light mold growth situations. Due to the dangers that mold growth presents, it is important that a professional handle the mold removal.

Health Risks
People’s reactions to mold are varied. Some seem to have little to no apparent health effects while others can experience a wide range of health effects such as, sneezing, coughing, headaches, allergic reactions, respiratory infections and in some extreme cases even death has occurred from exposure. It is best to refer to your Doctor about the potential hazards to you and your family’s health.

Professional Mold Remediation Specialist
Precautions need to be taken when handling a mold remediation job.  Mr. Restoration has highly trained mold removal professionals who know what to do in mold remediation projects. From the initial inspection to the completion of the removal project, we have you covered. All our technicians are in-house employees. We do not sub contract work! This is important because you can trust our technicians are highly qualified and trust worthy in your home.

Mold Testing
Mr. Restoration works with several independent-professional Industrial Hygienists, to provide a complete protocol and understanding of the project. The Professional Hygienist provides lab results and pre and post clearance testing on all mold remediation projects. This is important because you do not want the company who is performing the mold removal project to also be the one who is providing the post testing due to potential conflicts of interest. It is crucial to us that our customers feel confident that all mold has been effectively removed and will not be returning. So, whether you use one of our recommended hygienists or you prefer to find your own, we will work with them to ensure your home is safe.

What’s this going to cost me?
While mold removal is not an inexpensive process, we are very willing to give our customers a great deal! Give us a call and we can set up a time for our experts to perform a free inspection to determine the scope of the project and provide an estimate for the mold removal project. We even have financing options available, if money is an issue.

In many cases, the mold removal maybe covered by insurance. Our experienced insurance specialists can determine if this is a covered loss under your policy at the time of the inspection. If we determine there is coverage, we can bill your insurance company for our work and you can keep your money in your pocket. Give us a call today to schedule your free inspection!